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IPC Physical Therapy Adds Anodyne Therapy

Do you or someone you know suffer from pain, chronic wounds, tendinitis, claudication or poor circulation?

Chances are the answer is yes. In an effort to provide the highest quality of care and most effective treatments, the team at Idaho Pain Clinic in Sandpoint has recently begun using the Anodyne Infared Laser Therapy system. Anodyne has been used by leading therapy and medical facilities for decades to treat a variety of pain and circulatory issues, however this will be the first and only unit in the greater Sandpoint region.

The decision to implement the system came after listening to countless patient testimonials from across the country as well as the team at Idaho Pain Clinic looking into the clinical research that supports the effectiveness of Anodyne. The system has shown significant improvements and even total pain relief to those suffering from Diabetic neuropathy and pain, pain from poor circulation or pain that is experienced after chemotherapy. The device has relieved and also completely stopped pain related to restless leg syndrome, capsulitis both pre and post operatively as well helped mitigate pain immediately after orthopedic surgery. The device has helped patients overcome their chronic tendinitis pain, TMJ and facial pain as well as relieved pain due to muscular spasms. The device is safe to use over metal implants/pins and is safe to use with patients with pacemaker devices.

The only real contraindications to the application of Anodyne is directly over an area of malignancy or over a pregnant womb. The Anodyne system works by emitting MIRE- monochromatic infared energy which causes the human body to locally release Nitric Oxide from Hemoglobin. The release of Nitric Oxide increases blood flow by dilating arteries/capillaries, it dilates veins and lymphatics, and it mediates angiogenesis and growth factors. From a pain perspective, the release of Nitric Oxide is a direct mediator of the pain relieving effect of morphine and indirectly it delivers nutrients to nerves, reduces inflammation and swelling that impinges on nerves and it reduces hypoxia (lack of oxygen) to the area treated.

The providers at Idaho Pain Clinic encourage you to visit their website to learn more about Anodyne and what their clinic offers. Anodyne therapy is available as part of the Physical Therapy services offered at Idaho Pain Clinic and offered to the community to use through pay for service packages. You can visit their website at: or call them at 208-267-9757.

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