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A Faster Road to Recovery

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to walk on the moon? Maybe you’ve wondered if you weighed fifty or a hundred pounds less, could you move without pain or maybe train for that marathon with less impact and chance of injury. Those very questions had to be asked by the company behind the AlterG. The anti-gravity treadmill system that for once doesn’t require its users to don those cumbersome harnesses to achieve body weight offloading. Clients no longer need to submerge themselves in the pool up to their shoulders to achieve 80% offloading. The AlterG is NASA developed technology which uses a sealed air chamber to offload its users body weight. The system is able to offload up to 80% of the clients weight and can be adjusted by 1% increments, no water or harness needed. So what does this mean for users? This means that for some people they will be able to take their first pain free steps in years. It means that people recovering after orthopedic surgery can get back to walking sooner and with less pain than ever before. Users recovering from neurological conditions such as stroke, Guillain–Barré syndrome or those with Parkinsons disease and Multiple Sclerosis can walk in a safe environment with body weight offloaded. The AlterG is widely used with clients that are fighting obesity and clients that need to move to fight pain but have found themselves in the vicious cycle of being unable to move because of pain. It’s more than just a rehabilitative breakthrough, the AlterG is also a breakthrough for athletes across the board. The AlterG has made it’s way into 5 Olympic training centers, and 29 NFL, 27 NBA, 23 MLB, 3 NHL and 3 MLS teams. It is being used by the worlds most elite athletes to increase their speed, endurance, and recover from or reduce the chance of injury. By offloading the athletes body weight by only 15%, the AlterG is able to allow clients to train at intervals 10% faster than their fastest speed on land. This high intensity interval training on the AlterG limits the chance of overuse or stress injuries many athletes would sustain when done on land. The research supports it too, AlterG has shown that after eight sessions over four weeks time their athletes saw an increase of 3.3% in their land speed. When you are talking about seconds or fractions of a second between first and second or making that touchdown sprint, you can appreciate that 3.3% edge over your competitor can make all the difference in the world. For the community of Sandpoint, perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the AlterG is the fact that it is now here. Dr. Ispirescu and his Physical Therapist at Idaho Pain Clinic share a vision of offering the most advanced technology that would serve the greatest benefits to the people of Sandpoint. It was in their pursuit of offering only the best to their patients and the community that they decided Sandpoint needed access to such a life changing machine.

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